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Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction?

Our doctors can help you today.


The moment a person decides to take the initial step toward making a change is sacred and carries an urgency that we strive to meet by facilitating same day booking for new patients. We have 3 locations to serve you, please refer to Contact & Locations page for more information.

CALL 1 888 575-8181

At ReGen, we provide discrete, competent, and compassionate care for patients with opiate dependence. 


We believe in harm reduction and we assist our patients in reclaiming their lives from dependence on opiates. Our goal is to forge a comprehensive approach to the treatment of opiate dependence. While we do prescribe opiate agonist treatments such as methadone and suboxone we also believe in treating the underlying causes and precipitating factors, stabilizing patients, and allowing patients to begin dealing with and resolving any undue effects that they may have incurred as a result of their substance dependence.

  • Addiction Medicine

  • ​Methadone Maintenance Treatment

  • ​Suboxone Treatment Program

  • ​Counseling

  • ​Pharmacy on Site

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